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Sudden Hearing Loss in the GTA

Our Hyperbaric services are routinely used in:

  • Sudden Hearing Loss
  • Radiation Therapy Complications
  • Limb Preservation (Amputation Avoidance)


  • Greater Toronto Area

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MEDICAL OXYGEN REPAIR – MO2R treats sudden hearing loss in their well-equipped Hyperbaric chamber. Call today.

What is Sudden Hearing Loss?

Sudden hearing loss (SHL) is defined as a hearing reduction of more 30dB, over at least three contiguous frequencies, occurring during a period of 72 hours or less.

Although most causes of SHL remain unknown, it may relate to infectious, circulatory inner ear problems related to disease, trauma, metabolic, neurological, toxic, cochlear or other issues.

SHL can affect one ear or both, appear instantaneously or develop rapidly over a period of a few hours or days.

In many cases (40%) a strange and annoying buzzing sound called "tinnitus" is also reported.

SHL incidences have been quoted at 5-20 per 1000/people annually however, recent data suggest the number may be 300 per 1000 or more.

MEDICAL OXYGEN REPAIR – MO2R recommends treating SHL as soon as possible.

For the best results treat hearing loss early


Sudden Hearing Loss GTA

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How to Treat Sudden Hearing Loss?

The first step is getting properly diagnosed by an ENT specialist (Otolaryngologist) who will conduct a historical and physical examination looking for potential infectious causes.

To rule out the possibilities that other diseases may be the cause of SHL, audiograms and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) together with blood studies will be conducted.

A new management paradigm for sudden hearing loss was introduced to Ontario Physicians as an insured service under OHIP.

MEDICAL OXYGEN REPAIR – MO2R’s treatment protocol from here is summed up by three steps:

Effective three-step treatment


Sudden Hearing Loss GTA

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