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Radiation Therapy Complications in the GTA

Our Hyperbaric services can be used in:

  • Sudden Hearing Loss
  • Radiation Therapy Complications
  • Limb Preservation (Amputation Avoidance)


  • Greater Toronto Area

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Located in Mississauga, MEDICAL OXYGEN REPAIR – MO2R offers treatments for radiation therapy complications.

Radiation Therapy Complications

Radiation therapy is a powerful and effective tool used to battle cancer. The treatment involves focusing x-rays to damage or terminate cancer cells.

However, not all outcomes are favourable. In some cases, damage to normal tissue can occur and unpleasant complications may settle after irradiation. The biological effects of radiation exposure can be divided into 2 groups:

  • If sustained following treatment the problem is called persistent radiation effects.
  • If initial inflammation settles but tissue deterioration and loss of function develops after three months, this has been termed radiation late effects

At MEDICAL OXYGEN REPAIR – MO2R, we specialize in treating the latter.

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Radiation Therapy Complications GTA

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Treating Radiation Late Effects

In 2002, Dr. Wilfred Levin and Dr. Wayne Evans, from MEDICAL OXYGEN REPAIR – MO2R, founded the Adult Radiotherapy Late Effects Clinic at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.

The goal was to expand the range of options available to those suffering from complications of radiotherapy, one of the options being Hyperbaric services.

The clinic has helped treat hundreds of patients to date, and a range of therapeutic options have been developed and explored to meet the needs of this affected population.

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Radiation Therapy Complications GTA

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