All hyperbaric services are covered by OHIP
(no cost to the patient)

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Patient Experience

In HBOT, a patient enters our hyperbaric chamber that fits  multiple individuals and is exposed to 100% oxygen while the atmospheric pressure is increased.

There are many different ways of administering HBOT. Some patients receive treatment five times a week for 90 minutes per session.

The total number of sessions varies based on the response of the wound to treatment. Patients may receive between 10 and several dozen sessions in total.

Many patients note that they may require more rest while receiveing a course of treatment. This may be understood in part due to the profound biochemical changes which are induced by the very high oxygen exposure.

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Some may note sensations and changes occuring at body sites which are unrelated to the problem they are being treated for.

It may be useful to recall that hyperbaric oxygen is a sytem wide treatment and repair may be indued at any location of tissue deterioation or previous injury. Such changes may be a reflection of repair being initiated any such site.  

Overall, there are few risks associated with HBOT. The most common risk is ear discomfort requiring equalization of the middle ear pressure.

The less common risks are evaluated by the hyperbaric physician who must discuss these and determine whether a patient can safely be treated in the hyperbaric environment.