All hyperbaric services are covered by OHIP
(no cost to the patient)

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About Us


“Our mission is to treat every patient with respect while pursuing coordinated healthcare benefits over the period of months they may be under our care. In many cases, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be an integral component of the patient's care plan. Working in concert with referring physicians and specialists, our highly qualified staff ensure all our patients can appreciate the journey we share on their behalf so as to optimally understand and celebrate each team member's role in the many steps in the healing process.”

Dr. Wayne Evans, Medical Director

Medical Oxygen Repair is a member of the Medical Oxygen Research Group

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"My decades-long quest has been to pursue unbiased exploration of the value of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I see that potential in the instance of the not-for-profit organization, Medical Oxygen Research" - Dr. Wayne Evans, Medical Director

There are 3 domains which we have molded the organization to emulate such that Medical Oxygen Research (MO2R) is well positioned to pursue an institutional and university affiliation:

  • Clinical Service - The near 3 yr old clinical service is well established at MO2R


  • Research -  In 2019 Research agendas are to commence both observational and interventional.
  • Training Programs - These are evolving. Most importantly is training of physicians under a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario program to prepare them for independent practice in Hyperbaric Medicine. These MDs will then also be prepared to challenge the new specialist Certification program in Hyperbaric Medicine recently announced by the Royal College of Physician & Surgeons of Canada

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  • Agreement to launch Inaugural Clinical Reasearch Facility in Mississauga- Mr. William Lishman - Dec 22, 2014 (Document Here)
  • Progress towards Opening of Clinical Hyperbaric Facility - MR. William LishmanDec 31, 2014 (Document Here)
  • Securing the Leadership of Dr. Wayne Evans as Medical Director, March, 2015 Medical Oxygen Research - CV (Document Here)
  • Official Opening of Facility - Invitation June 25-27, 2015 (Document Here)



We are building on a foundation of exemplary clinical care which is research & dedicated to the betterment of patients' lives through compassionate use of technology. Our research plan is to explore further, the ways this can be applied


  • To conduct research into the causes, controls and cure of debilitating diseases, illnesses and conditions.
  • To improve health through researching the optimal use of oxygen. In this manner we will strive to demystify the wide range of health benefits currently claimed but not scientifically evidenced by supplemental oxygen.

As well, there is a need to understand the limits of human tolerance for oxygen and the potential hazards of excessive use .

Answers to these questions will address many unmet health research needs and aid in institutional decision-makingregarding public support and access to this therapy.

Key driver for support will be through charitable donations through associated organizations due to lack of industry interest in such explorations; since there is no proprietary value in oxygen.

Physician Training in Hyperbaric Medicine

Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada

2017 Certification program in Hyperbaric Medicine


~2021 - National Facility Certification Program


College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario - Scope of Practice Training Guidelines

2017 - Formalized Training Supervision Program*


~2020 - CPSO Facility Certification Program



Dr. Wayne Evans is currently one of a handful of adequately qualified physician in Ontario providing

CPSO Supervision of MDs Planning to change their scope of practice to include

Hyperbaric Medicine.


This training of physicians under a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

program to is to prepare them for independent practice in Hyperbaric Medicine.


FYI  - The CPSO in February 2018 has updated and strengthened its policy regarding Changing of Scope of Practice. Physicians interested in service provision in Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine are encouraged to examine this resource material  found at: